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Catalina Achim
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon 1998
Synthesis and structural and spectroscopic characterization of coordination compounds. Intra- and inter-molecular electron-transfer properties of mixed-valence complexes. Magnetochemistry of clusters. Bioinorganic chemistry.
(412) 268-9588

Bruce Armitage
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Arizona 1993

Bioorganic and supramolecular chemistry. Design and synthesis of functional DNA/RNA analogs, nucleic acid chemistry, photochemistry in supramolecular assemblies of molecules, development of probes for RNA structure and function, sensors for hybridization of nucleic acid probes.
(412) 268-4196

Mark E. Bier
Associate Research Professor and Director, Center for Molecular Analysis
Ph.D. Purdue University 1988
Bioanalytical chemistry. Real-time monitoring of enzyme reactions by electrospray-MS. Development of novel ion trap analyzer designs. Femtomole level protein identification. Educational MS software.
(412) 268-3540

Emile L. Bominaar
Associate Research Professor
Ph.D. University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 1986

Theoretical inorganic chemistry and spectroscopy: spin effects on electron transfer. Magneto optics.
(412) 268-5671

Terrence J. Collins
Thomas Lord Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. University of Auckland (New Zealand) 1978
Green chemistry. Inorganic chemistry. The design of catalysts for activation of hydrogen peroxide. Chemistry to eliminate persistent pollutants. Bioinorganic chemistry of high oxidation state transition metal species. Magnetic properties of multinuclear transition metal ions.
(412) 268-6335

Neil Donahue
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. MIT 1991

Kinetics and mechanisms of atmospherically important reactions. Spectroscopy and in-situ measurement of gas-phase free radicals. Quantum-mechanical and dynamical studies of reactivity.
(412) 268-4415

Rea Freeland
Associate Head
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon 1986

Chemical education. Graduate education. Educational assessment, including assessment of educational software. Supporting faculty, future faculty, and teaching assistants in improving teaching.
(412) 268-7981

Andrew Gellman
Lord Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, and Department Head, Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley 1985
Surface science and surface chemistry with particular interest in the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and tribology.
(412) 268-3848

Roberto R. Gil
Research Scientist and Director, NMR Facility
Ph.D. Córdoba National University (Córdoba – Argentina) 1989

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Structure elucidation of Bioactive Natural Products from Plants. NMR of Peptides and Proteins. Studies of the Interaction of DNA Duplexes with Cyanine Dyes by NMR. Characterization of the Structure and Physical Properties of Synthetic Polymers by NMR.
(412) 268-4313

Susan T. Graul
Ph.D. Purdue University 1989

Physical organic chemistry. Gas-phase ion chemistry. Reaction dynamics, cluster ions and highly charged ions. Photoinduced and collisionally activated dissociation processes. Statistical theory and molecular orbital calculations.
(412) 268-1441

Michael P. Hendrich
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Illinois 1988

Biophysical and bioinorganic chemistry. Transition metals associated with fundamental processes of living systems. Electronic structure. High-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance. Magneto-chemistry.
(412) 268-1058

Colin Horwitz
Associate Research Professor
Ph.D. Northwestern University 1986

Inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry: synthesis and characterization of coordination complexes. Oxidation chemistry.
(412) 268-3439

Morton Kaplan
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1960

Nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics, and chemical physics. Nuclear reactions of heavy ions and high-energy projectiles, ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions, recoil properties of radioactive products. Perturbed angular correlations of gamma rays. Statistical theory of nuclear reactions and light-particle emission.
(412) 268-3123

Paul J. Karol
Ph.D. Columbia University 1967

Nuclear chemistry and physical chemistry. High-energy nuclear reactions; chemical separations, especially column chromatography, positronium lifetime quenching.
(412) 268-3142

Hyung J. Kim
Professor and Department Head
Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook 1988
Theoretical chemistry. Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. Chemical reaction dynamics and spectroscopy in condensed phases. Molecular dynamics computer simulations and quantum chemistry in solution.
(412) 268-6489

Tomasz Kowalewski
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Polish Academy of Sciences 1988
Physical and biophysical chemistry, physical chemistry of macromolecules. Nanostructure in soft condensed matter, glass transition, self-assembly, hydrophobic interaction, nanoscale polymer assemblies. Protein misfolding, physicochemical aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, protein-DNA interactions. Scanning probe techniques.
(412) 268-5927

Maria Kurnikova
Assistant Professor

Computational chemistry and biophysics. Membrane proteins, particularly ion channels. Structure-function relationships associated with ligand binding, gating of channels and mechanisms of selectivity and mobility in confined environment of the channel.
(412) 268-9772

Miguel Llinás
Ph.D. University of California Berkeley 1971

Molecular biophysics. Structural dynamics and functional studies of proteins in solution by NMR spectroscopy. Plasminogen and blood coagulation proteins.
(412) 268-3140

Danith Ly
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology

Interdisciplinary research at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. Gene regulation; protein engineering; drug discovery; characterization of human ESC; mechanisms of cancer, aging, and age-related diseases.
(412) 268-4010

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
J. C. Warner Professor and Director, Center for Macromolecular Engineering
Ph.D. Polish Academy of Sciences 1976

Polymer synthetic chemistry. Kinetics and thermodynamics of radical, ionic, and ring-opening polymerization. Living polymers, inorganic and organometallic polymers. Functional materials.

Richard D. McCullough
Professor and Dean of the Mellon College of Science
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1988

Organic and materials chemistry. Self-assembly and synthesis of highly conductive organic polymers and oligomers. Conjugated polymer sensors, nanoelectronic assembly and nanowires. Synthesis and development of organic-inorganic hybrid magnetic and electronic materials. Crystal engineering and self-assembly.
(412) 268-3136

Eckard Münck
Ph.D. Darmstadt Technical University (Germany) 1967

Active sites of metalloproteins, in particular sites containing iron-sulfur clusters or oxo-bridged iron dimers. Study of synthetic clusters which mimic structures in proteins. Magnetochemistry. Heisenberg and double-exchange Mössbauer spectroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance.
(412) 268-5058

Gary D. Patterson
Ph.D. Stanford University 1972

Chemical physics and polymer science. Application of light-scattering spectroscopy to problems of structure and dynamics in amorphous materials. Physics and chemistry of liquids and solutions. Conformational statistics and molecular dynamics of polymers, glass transition, biopolymers. Colloid science, complex fluids.
(412) 268-3324

Linda A. Peteanu
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1989

Physical chemistry. Biophysical chemistry. Laser spectroscopy. Application of resonance Raman and Stark effect-based spectroscopies to the study of ultrafast photochemical and biological reactions. Proton transfer, electron transfer, charge transfer, and cis-trans isomerizations. Effect of solvent environment on reactive excited states.
(412) 268-1327

Jim Peterson
Assistant Director of the Center for Molecular Analysis and Research Associate Professor of Pharmacology UPMS
Ph.D. University of Essex 1982

Development and application of magnetic circular and linear dichroism spectroscopies to metalloprotein biophysics/biochemistry, especially in the areas of mitochondrial pathology and oxidative damage to respiratory complexes.
(412) 268-5670

Stuart W. Staley
Ph.D. Yale University 1964

Physical organic chemistry. Synthesis, dynamic NMR studies of electron transfer systems and theoretically interesting molecules. X-ray diffraction and NMR studies of organic crystals. Electronic structure calculations of molecular geometries and properties.
(412) 268-4977

Robert F. Stewart
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology 1962

Physical and theoretical chemistry: X-ray diffraction, high-energy electron-scattering calculations.
(412) 268-3165

Karen Stump
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Teaching Professor, and Director of Laboratories
M.S. Carnegie Mellon 1986

Chemical education. Laboratory education. Outreach programs for K-12 teachers and students.
(412) 268-2340

Charles Van Dyke
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1964

Synthetic inorganic chemistry and chemical education.
(412) 268-1579

Lynn Walker
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Ph.D. University of Delaware 1995
Rheology of complex fluids. Rheo-optics and rheo-SANS of assembled macromolecular solutions. Rheo-optics of immiscible polymer blends in complex flows: viscoelasticity and effects on atomization and spraying.
(412) 268-3020

Garry Warnock
Associate Teaching Professor
Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1985
Outreach to schools and community to interest young people in the sciences. Developing new science demonstrations and new “hands-on” experiments.
(412) 268-4229

Newell R. Washburn
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 1998

Synthesis of hybrid materials for tissue engineering. Spectroscopic characterization of cytokine dynamics in extracellular matrices. Combinatorial screening of cell-material interactions.

David Yaron
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Harvard University 1990

Theoretical Chemistry. Electronic structure of organic semiconductors and nonlinear optical materials. Photophysics of biological systems.
(412) 268-1351

Emeriti Faculty

Guy C. Berry
University Professor
Ph.D. University of Michigan 1960

Physical chemistry and polymer science. Physical chemistry of macromolecules: photon correlation and integrated intensity light scattering. Solution properties of flexible and rodlike polymers. Rheology of polymers. Properties of liquid crystalline polymers.
(412) 268-3131

Aksel A. Bothner-By
University Professor

(412) 268-3149

Albert A. Caretto
(412) 268-6670

Edward F. Casassa
(412) 268-3128

Josef Dadok
(412) 268-3146

Robert L. Kay
(412) 268-3406

Truman Kohman

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1943
Past: Nuclear chemistry, geochemistry, cosmochemistry. Present: Instrumentation for cosmic X- and gamma-rays; visual star colors from instrumental photometry.
(412) 268-8865

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