Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry

Graduate Program

Edwin N. Lassettre Graduate Travel Award

An endowed fund for supporting conference travel for Chemistry graduate students has been created in honor of Edwin N. Lassettre, a former Carnegie Mellon University faculty member who was internationally known for pioneering work in electron-impact spectroscopy.  Please see Professor Lassettre’s 1990 obituary in Physics Today for more about his exemplary career in physical chemistry.


Due to the donor's preferences, graduate students in chemical physics or physical chemistry in the Department of Chemistry will be eligible for the award. As part of applying for the award, students also need to show that they have a poster or presentation accepted at a key conference in their field.


This award will provide $800 per student as a supplemental source of support, and applicants are expected to seek funds from their advisor and/or professional associations.


Applications should normally be submitted at least one month before the conference that he/she wishes to attend. Applications must be submitted by email to Rea Freeland at  Advisors should submit their letter of support separately by email to by the deadline.

Selection Criteria

Among the criteria in selecting awardees are:

Application Materials

Review of applications

Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Program Committee. Committee members whose students are applying for the award will not review applications and may be replaced by another faculty member to seek expertise across the research areas represented by the applicants.