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2D and 3D structures of Yohimbine, one of the compounds used in this study.

Figuring Out the 3D Shape of Molecules with a Push of a Button

A team of researchers led by Chemistry's Roberto R. Gil has developed a program that automates the process of figuring out a molecule’s three-dimensional structure. The technique compresses a process that usually takes days into minutes and could shorten the pipeline of drug discovery.

diagram of "molecular surgery"

A Team of Chemists Led by Rongchao Jin Perform Surgery on Nanoparticles

The site-specific method could allow chemists to manipulate nanoparticles’ properties

photo of all CMU Phi Beta Kappa students

Congratulations to Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa Inductees!

Graduating seniors Madeline W. Balzarini, Claire Elise Dingwell, Mallory Evanoff, Jonathan Tsao, Joshua J. Zak and Zheng Zhang were among the 48 Carnegie Mellon students inducted into the university’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter at a ceremony on Saturday, May 20.

photo of Krista Freeman, Michael Polen and Chenjie Zeng

Michael Polen and Chenjie Zeng to Attend Distinguished Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

photo of Josh Zak

Senior Dedicated to Giving Back Receives Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association’s Student Service Award

Senior science and humanities scholar Josh Zak has been awarded the Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association's 2017 Student Service Award to be presented May 19 at the 67th annual Alumni Awards.