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Linda Peteanu

Professor and Acting Department Head

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Office: Mellon Institute 825C

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Faculty & Research

Linda Peteanu

Professor and Acting Department Head

Research Areas

Photophysics, laser spectroscopy, microscopy, Stark spectroscopy, conjugated materials, nucleic acids, fluorescent labels, plasmonics

Electronic Properties of Molecules used in Organic-Based Lighting

We measure several fundamental electronic properties of molecules such as charge transfer and electronic delocalization using a technique known as Stark spectroscopy. Stark spectroscopy involves applying large electric fields to molecules in films or matrices and analyzing the effects of the field perturbation on the absorption or emission spectrum. We have recently focused on the properties of MEH-PPV and other molecules used to make to organic light emitting diodes (OLED's). Stark spectroscopy reveals the mechanism by which a large applied electric field, such as those present in OLEDs, produces undesirable emission quenching and suggests strategies for minimizing this loss of device efficiency through modifications of the polymer structure.

Emission properties of Single Molecules and Aggregates

Recent years has seen a huge growth in the use of organic conjugated oligomers and polymers in the design of light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and photovoltaic cells. When these molecules are placed in thin films to fabricate devices, they typically form aggregates. These confer several desirable properties for device function such as protection from oxidative damage and enhanced charge transport. However, they also typically shift the wavelength of emission to lower energies and often significantly reduce its intensity. Our group is using microscopy and spectroscopy to investigate the relationships between molecular structure and the brightness and photo-stability of molecules in the solid state, both in isolation (i.e. as single molecules) and as aggregates. We are also developing methods to image aggregation in films at high resolution and to follow the nucleation of aggregates in the solution phase.

Education and Appointments
2002–present Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
2000–2002 Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
1993–2000 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
1992–1993 Post-Doctoral Associate, University of California, Riverside
1989–1992 Post-Doctoral Associate, University of California, Berkeley
1989 Ph. D. University of Chicago
Awards and Distinctions
2004–2006 NSF Special Creativity Extension
2000 Fellowship of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
1998 NSF POWRE (Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education)
1997 NSF CAREER (Faculty Early Development Program)
Selected Publications

Effects of Solvent Properties on the Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Alkoxy-Substituted PPV Oligomer Aggregates
Woong Young So, Jiyun Hong, Janice J. Kim, Gizelle A. Sherwood, Kelly Chacon-Madrid, James H. Werner, Andrew P. Shreve, and Linda A. Peteanu
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116 10504-10513 (2012)

Wavelength Dependence of the Fluorescence Quenching Efficiency of Nearby Dyes by Gold Nanoclusters and Nanoparticles: The Roles of Spectral Overlap and Particle Size
Chowdhury, Sanchari; Wu, Zhikun; Jaquins-Gerstl, Andrea; Liu, Shengpeng; Dembska, Anna; Armitage, Bruce A.; Jin, Rongchao; Peteanu, Linda A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 20105-20112 (2011)

Visualizing Core-Shell Structure in Substituted PPV Oligomer Aggregates Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
Peteanu, Linda A.; Sherwood, Gizelle A.; Werner, James H.; Shreve, Andrew P.; Smith, Timothy M.; Wildeman, Jurjen
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 15607-15616 (2011)

Fluorescent DNA Nanotags Featuring Covalently Attached Intercalating Dyes: Synthesis, Antibody Conjugation, and Intracellular Imaging
Stadler, Andrea L.; Delos Santos, Junriz O.; Stensrud, Elizabeth S.; Dembska, Anna; Silva, Gloria L.; Liu, Shengpeng; Shank, Nathaniel I.; Kunttas-Tatli, E.; Sobers, Courtney J.; Gramlich, Philipp M. E.; Carell, Thomas; Peteanu, Linda A.; McCartney, Brooke M.; Armitage, Bruce A.
Bioconjugate Chem. 22 1491-1502 (2011)

pH-Responsive Fluorescent Molecular Bottlebrushes Prepared by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Nese, Alper; Lebedeva, Natalia V.; Peteanu, Linda; Sheiko, Sergei, S.; Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof
Macromolecules 44 5905-5910 (2011)

Chain Length and Substituent Effects on the Formation of Excimer-Like States in Nanoaggregates of CN-PPV Model Oligomers
Sherwood, Gizelle A.; Cheng, Ryan; Chacon-Madrid, Kelly; Smith, Timothy M.; Wildeman, Jurjen; Peteanu, Linda A. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 12078-12089 (2010)

Electric-Field-Induced Fluorescence Quenching in Polyfluorene, Ladder-Type Polymers, and MEH-PPV: Evidence for Field Effects on Internal Conversion Rates in the Low Concentration Limit.
Moscatelli, A., Livingston, K., Young, W. S., Lee, S. J. and Peteanu, L. A. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 14430-14439 (2010)

Electroabsorption of Dimers Containing MM (M = Mo, W) Quadruply Bonded Units: Insights into the Electronic Structure of Neutral Coupled Redox Centers and Their Relationship with Mixed Valence Ions.
Chisholm, Malcolm H.; Lear, Benjamin J.; Moscatelli, Alberto; Peteanu, Linda A.. Inorganic Chemistry, 49, 3706-3713 (2010)

Aggregation Effects on the Emission Spectra and Dynamics of Model Oligomers of MEH-PPV
Sherwood, Gizelle A.; Cheng, Ryan; Smith, Tim M.; Werner, James H.; Shreve, Andrew P.; Wildeman, Jurjen; Peteanu, Linda A. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 113 18851-18862 (2009)

Electric Field Effects on Internal Conversion: An Alternative Mechanism for Field-Induced Fluorescence Quenching of MEH-PPV and Its Oligomers in the Low Concentration Limit
Smith, Timothy M.; Kim, Jung; Peteanu, Linda A.; Wildeman, Jurjen Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 10119-10129 (2007)

Fluorescent PNA Probes as Hybridization Labels for Biological RNA.
Robertson, Kelly L.; Yu, Liping; Armitage, Bruce A.; Lopez, A. Javier; Peteanu, Linda A.. Biochemistry, 45, 6066-6074 (2006)

Electrofluorescence of MEH-PPV and its Oligomer: Evidence for Field-Induced Fluorescence Quenching of Single Chains
Timothy M. Smith, Nathaniel Hazelton, Linda A. Peteanu, and Jurjen Wildeman Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110, 7732-7742 (2006)

Excited-State Localization in a 3-Fold-Symmetric Molecule as Probed by Electroabsorption Spectroscopy
Bangal, Prakriti Ranjan; Lam, Danny Ming Kuang; Peteanu, Linda A.; Van der Auweraer, Mark. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108, 16834-16840 (2004)

Effects of Disorder-Induced Symmetry Breaking on the Electroabsorption Properties of a Model Dendrimer
Liu, L. Angela; Peteanu, Linda A.; Yaron, David J. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108, 16841-16849 (2004)

The Effects of Structural and Microenvironmental Disorder on the Electronic Properties of Poly[2-methoxy,5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,4-phenylene vinylene] (MEH-PPV) and Related Oligomers
Wachsmann-Hogiu, Sebastian; Peteanu, Linda A.; Liu, Limin Angela; Yaron, David J.; Wildeman, Jurjen. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107, 5133-5143 (2003)