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3-D Structure of Human Serum Albumin

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Mark E. Bier
Director, CMA
412-268-3540 (office)
412-268-6897 (fax)

Roberto R. Gil

Director, NMR Facilities


Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Chemistry
Mellon Institute Bldg.
4400 Fifth Avenue
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Information for Users

General Center Policies


About the CMA

The CMA is primarily a user-operated center, although sample-drop-off is possible for mass spectrometry analysis. The CMA is open 24 hours a day, every day, for Carnegie Mellon users, although non-Carnegie Mellon affiliates are permitted to use the facilities as well. Non-Carnegie Mellon and industrial users are also welcome to use the center with permission from the Director.


PLEASE respect the resources available in the CMA. Clean up after yourself, remove all samples, and dispose of all waste. You may only take research tools (e.g. the UV-Vis fiber optic probe) out of the CMA with permission from the Director and after signing the item out. Many of the faculty have devoted their time and effort to create this Center. Please help to keep it working. THANK YOU!



  • If you would like to get trained, please follow this link for instructions.


Reservations on the CMA Calendar: 

·         A reservation is required to use any instruments and it must be made in advance, on the instrument calendar.   A walk-up reservation is acceptable only when no one else is using the instrument and after you have made a reservation.  If you have not made a reservation, you may NOT use the instrument.   ENTER: Your ANDREW ID or email/Your advisor’s last name. (e.g. lplath/Bier) A CMU Oracle charge number (or PO) is also required for every reservation.

·         Canceling a Reservation:  If you cannot use your reservation, you must cancel it on the calendar as soon as you can so that others may use that time.  Include the time at which you made the cancellation. 

·         Charging is based on the reserved time:  You are responsible for the time reserved on the calendar. If you do not show up to use the instrument, you will still be charged.

·        Instrument status updates can be found of the Internet calendars. 


Maintenance and repair:

Unless given permission by the Director, all maintenance and repairs of the instrumentation are done by the staff of the CMA.   Users are not permitted to make any repairs.   Please report all instrument problems to someone in the CMA.


·         Occurs quarterly. Instrument charges will change without prior warning.

·         Hourly charges are based on the reserved time.


·         You must sign in on the Excel spreadsheet found on the desktop of every instrument computer before using that instrument. You must enter your CMU “Oracle” account number and/or your billing address (if not previously given to the Director).

Archiving Data: 

·         YOU are responsible for archiving your own data. Floppy, ZIP, and CD-R/CD-RW drives are available; please bring your own media. The CMA is not responsible for any data left on computer hard drives.

CMA Computers:

·         CMA computers are for instrumentation use and/or data manipulation.  You are not permitted to use a computer for anything else.  (Unfortunately we have had problems from unauthorized downloading of software and viruses)

·         You may not install any software on any CMA computer without permission from the Director.