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Former Group Members:

Former Graduate Students:

John A. Belot (9/90-5/95), entered Fall 1990
John had a postdoctoral with Prof. Tobin Marks, Northwestern Univ.
Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of Nebraska.
Currrently, Visiting Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Shawn P. Williams (9/90-1/96)
Shawn worked at W. R. Grace, for 9 years. He last position at W. R. Grace was Global Applications Development Manager for the Chromatography business. He is now CTO of Plextronics.

Paul C. Ewbank (6/90-5/96)
Paul was a postdoctoral researcher for Prof. Shinkai's ICORP Chemotransfiguration project. He returned to my lab for a postdoctoral stint before moving to the U. of MN to work with Prof. Wayne Gladfelter. He then did a postdoc at UMN Materials Science Research and Engineering Consortium working with Prof. Kent Mann. He then did a post-doc with Virgil Percec's group at UPenn. He is now visiting assistant professor of chemistry at Juniata College.

Mani Jayaraman (1/92-2/97)
Mani had postdoctoral position at University of California at Berkeley with Prof. Jean Frechet
He was a scientist at Symex Technologies, a combinatorial chemistry start-up company.
He is now at the Molecular Foundary at UC Berkeley.

Robert Lowe (1/96-5/00),

Richard Pilston was the CTO at our company, Plextronics. Rich is currently the Global Marketing Manager of Vertrel specialty
fluids product line at DuPont.

Jingsong Liu, now a Postdoc with Prof. Jean Frechet at University of California Berkeley.

Lei (James) Zhai, now an Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida.

Elena Sheina, now a Research Scientist at Plextronics. Elena's Resume: PDF file

Casey Craley graduated in Dec. 2006 with a Masters.

Jessica Cooper graduated in September 25, 2008.


Former Postdoctorals:

Dr. Jyoti Seth (postdoctoral, 8/91-8/92)--was a postdoctoral with Prof. David Bocian, Univ. of California, Riverside. He is now a Research Manager at Grace Performance Chemicals in Cambridge, MA.

Dr. Karine Heuze (postdoctoral, 11/98-11/99)--is at CNRS.

Darin Laird, now a Research Scientist at Plextronics.

Dr. Malika Jeffries-EL, now an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University in the Chemistry Department.

Dr. Mihaela (Stefan) Iovu, now an Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Dallas in the Chemistry Department.

Dr. Geneviève Sauvé, now a Visiting Scientist at Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy

Dr. Sarada P. Mishra, now a Scientist at DRDO-India.

Dr. Itaru Osaka, now a Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan.


Former Visiting Research Scientists:

Dr. Prathapan Sreedharan
Iliana Restrepo, University of Cali, Columbia (6/94-8/95)
Daniel Greve, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (8/95-11/95)
Karen Zaiger
Edward Jones

Former Undergraduates:

Renae Lowe (Howard Hughes undergraduate fellow, 9/90-8/92)
Debbie Anderson (Hughes undergraduate fellow, 6/91-6/93)
Shannon Hayes (8/91-5/93)
Julia Kuo (5/92-8/92)
Bernadette Baluyot (2/93-6/93)
Vani Kanna (2/93-6/93)
Lynnette Miller (5/92-5/94)
Jerry Reddinger (1/93-5/94)
Sonika Bhatnagar (6/93-5/94)
Melissa Petruska (1/93-5/95),
Molly Dalkiewicz (1/93-5/95)
Cindy Cepanoske (1/93-5/95)
Hindy Bronstein (9/94-5/95)
Zeynep Ebcioglu (9/94-5/95)
Julie Summers (9/94-5/96)
Deborah Smithline (1/96-12/96)
Kerry McIntyre (1/96-12/96)
Benjamin Rowe (1/96-12/96)
Noah Scarr (9/95-5/96)
Julie Anne Sippel (5/96-8/96)
Anne Marie Devine (9/95-12/97)
Eric Van Ingewen (9/96-5/98).
Rachel Hauser (9/95-5/98)
Sonya Kerchosky (5/96-8/99)
Eric Silverman (5/97-5/99)
Cindy Meisner (5/97-5/99).
Kathryn McElroy (9/98-5/99)
Kris Stokes (9/97-5/00)
Christine Sirvard (9/99-?)
Joana Ricou (99-00)
Marta Biarnes (8/00-?)
Alison Cartwright (5/00-8/00)
Christine Siverd (8/99-5/01)
Marta Biarnes (9/00-5/01)
Jill Millstone (9/01-1/03)
Lindsey Ferris (03-05)
Ashley Krankowski (Beckman Scholar,9/04-5/05)
Meara Kauffman (summer 2005)
Stefanie Sydlik (Beckman Scholar, 9/05-8/07)
Josh Beaver (Summer 2008)



If you are a former group member and your name is not there, or if your information is not accurate, please email me!



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