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Jessica's Defense (Sept. 25, 2008)

John, Courtney, Jessica, Junying, Toby, and Swati Dr. McCullough, Jessica, Dr. Kowalewski


ACS New Orleans, LA, April 2008




From left to right: Anna, Jessica, Malika, Rick, Elena, Toby, Sarada


ACS San Francisco, CA, Sept. 2006

Anna presenting a poster at ACS meeting


Rocky presenting a poster at ACS meeting.

From left to right: Rocky, Jessica, Anna, Itaru, Rick, Mihaela







International Lunch, June 2006


July 2005, Farwell to Malika

From Left to right: Jessica, Anna, Rick, Genevieve, Malika, Merea, Rock, and Rui




Elena Sheina's Defense, Feb. 2005

At ACS in Anaheim, April 2004

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