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Former Group Members:

Former Graduate Students:

John A. Belot (9/90-5/95), entered Fall 1990
John had a postdoctoral with Prof. Tobin Marks, Northwestern Univ.
Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of Nebraska.

Shawn P. Williams (9/90-1/96)
Shawn worked at W. R. Grace, for 9 years. He last position at W. R. Grace was Global Applications Development Manager for the Chromatography business. He is now CTO of Plextronics.

Paul C. Ewbank (6/90-5/96)
Paul was a postdoctoral researcher for Prof. Shinkai's ICORP Chemotransfiguration project. He returned to my lab for a postdoctoral stint before moving to the U. of MN to work with Prof. Wayne Gladfelter. He then did a postdoc at UMN Materials Science Research and Engineering Consortium working with Prof. Kent Mann. He is now a post-doc with Virgil Percec's group at U Penn.

Mani Jayaraman (1/92-2/97)
Mani had postdoctoral position at University of California at Berkeley with Prof. Jean Frechet
He was a scientist at Symex Technologies, a combinatorial chemistry start-up company.
He is now at the Molecular Foundary at UC Berkeley.

Robert Lowe (1/96-5/00),
Rob was a postdoctoral with Prof. Jonathan Lindsey at North Carolina State University and is now at a start-up called Zetta-Core.

Richard Pilston, was the CTO at our company, Plextronics.

Jingsong Liu, now a postdoctoral with Prof. Jean Frechet at University of California Berkeley.

James Zhai, now a postdoctoral with Prof. Michael Rubner at MIT.

Elena Sheina, now a research scientist at Plextronics. Elena's Resume: PDF file

Former Postdoctorals:

Jyoti Seth (postdoctoral, 8/91-8/92)--was a postdoctoral with Prof. David Bocian, Univ. of California, Riverside. He is now a Research Manager at Grace Performance Chemicals in Cambridge, MA.

Karine Heuze (postdoctoral, 11/98-11/99)--is at CNRS.

Darin Laird, now is a research scientist at Plextronics.

Former Visiting Research Scientists:

Iliana Restrepo, University of Cali, Columbia (6/94-8/95)
Daniel Greve, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (8/95-11/95)
Karen Zaiger
Edward Jones

Former Undergraduates:

Renae Lowe (Howard Hughes undergraduate fellow, 9/90-8/92)
Debbie Anderson (Hughes undergraduate fellow, 6/91-6/93)
Shannon Hayes (8/91-5/93)
Julia Kuo (5/92-8/92)
Bernadette Baluyot (2/93-6/93)
Vani Kanna (2/93-6/93)
Lynnette Miller (5/92-5/94)
Jerry Reddinger (1/93-5/94)
Sonika Bhatnagar (6/93-5/94)
Melissa Petruska (1/93-5/95),
Molly Dalkiewicz (1/93-5/95)
Cindy Cepanoske (1/93-5/95)
Hindy Bronstein (9/94-5/95)
Zeynep Ebcioglu (9/94-5/95)
Julie Summers (9/94-5/96)
Deborah Smithline (1/96-12/96)
Kerry McIntyre (1/96-12/96)
Benjamin Rowe (1/96-12/96)
Noah Scarr (9/95-5/96)
Julie Anne Sippel (5/96-8/96)
Anne Marie Devine (9/95-12/97)
Eric Van Ingewen (9/96-5/98).
Rachel Hauser (9/95-5/98)
Sonya Kerchosky (5/96-8/99)
Eric Silverman (5/97-5/99)
Cindy Meisner (5/97-5/99).
Kathryn McElroy (9/98-5/99)
Kris Stokes (9/97-5/00)
Christine Sirvard (9/99-?)
Marta Biarnes (8/00-?)
Alison Cartwright (5/00-8/00)
Christine Siverd (8/99-5/01)
Marta Biarnes (9/00-5/01)
Jill Millstone (9/01-1/03)

If you are a former group member and your name is not there, or if your information is not accurate, please email me!

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