An Introduction to Optical Activity

By E.L. Bominaar and J. Peterson

List of Contents

Short History of Optics
Monochromatic Polarized Light
Optical Activity
How to tell Left from Right?
Mechanisms for Natural Circular Birefringence
        E, k Models
        E, H Models
Three-dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
        Unperturbed Oscillator
        Effect of a Magnetic Field: the Zeeman Effect
        Non-resonant Interaction with Radiation Incident Parallel to the Magnetic Field:
           the Faraday Effect or Magnetic Circular Birefringence
        Non-resonant Interaction with Radiation Incident Normal to the Magnetic Field:
           Magnetic Linear Birefringence
        Zeeman Effect and Faraday Effect: a Vector Analysis
Discovery of Magnetic Dichroism by Zeeman and Lorentz