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The center actively pursues patent protection for major developments made by its researchers and as a consequence of the proactive filing history of the ATRP Consortium, eighteen US Patents have been issued (5,763,548; 6,407,187; 6,624,263; 5,807,937; 6,538,091; 6,887,962; 7,125,938; 5,789,487; 5,945,491; 6,111,022; 6,124,411; 6,162,882; 6,512,060; 6,541,580; 6,121,371; 6,627,314; 6,624,262; 6,759,491, 6,790,919, 7,157,530; 6,887,962, 7,056,455; 7,064,166; 7,019,082, 7,049,373) and there are nineteen active applications.

Two of the granted patents were the earliest filed relating to ATRP and dominate the field covering both process and products made by CRP. In the related field of Controlled Radical Polymerization US Patents 5,910,549 discloses an expedient approach to preparing initiators for nitroxide mediated polymerization and 6,288,186 a procedure for rate enhancement for CRP.

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