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Financial Support for the Center and CRP Consortium

Support of the Center will come from various governmental grants as well as funding from the CRP Consortium. The CRP Consortium will comprise 20-30 industrial companies. Consortium members enjoy the following benefits:

 Members have early access to research results. They are given papers for review before submission for publication, and are able to attend annual or semiannual meetings at CMU where the Center's most recent advances in CRP are presented.

Only active members can receive a license from Carnegie Mellon University to practice any of the CRP technologies developed at the Center

Enhanced Technology Transfer. The Center is available to provide training for members’ scientists both at Carnegie Mellon and at the members research facilities.

Only members are eligible to establish specific CRP research programs within the Center. These programs can be tailored to a research area of specific interest to the sponsoring company; the intellectual property arising from these efforts can be licensed exclusively by the sponsoring company.

The member companies have a representative on the Consortium's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board makes recommendations as to the direction that CRP research will take.

The Center provides well-trained, highly motivated scientists to the job market. Interactive member companies have the first opportunity to recruit them.

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