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Examples Of Undergraduate Research Projects

Sequence Requirements for Assembly of Cyanine Dye Agreegates on DNA Templates
Exploring the recognition of Double Helical DNA by an Organic Dye (SURG)
Hybridizing PNA to DNA Hairpins (SURG)
Using PNA as a Hybridization Probe (SURG)
Spontaneous Assembly of Helical Dyanine Dye Aggregates o DNA Nanotemplates
Aggregation of Quinoline-Derived Cyanine Dyes on DNA Templates
Binding of Fluorescent Dyes to Triple-Helical DNA
Design of green Oxidants: Use of Secondary Binding Events to Affect Reactivity
"Hunter" Activators: Green Bleaching of Azo
Characterization of the Catalytic Intermediate on the Activation of Li [Fe(H2O)B*] by Hydrogen Peroxide
The Oxidative Remediation of Chlorinated Organic Pollutants
Environmentally Benign Chlorine Alternatives for the Bleaching of Organic Dyes (SURG)
Synthesis of Diols through ATRP (SURG)
Towards New Conducting Poly-3-substituted-Thiophenes
Effects of Phosphonate Side Chains on Polythiophene Monolayer Formation
Correlating the Bruker Temperature with the Sample Temperature by Low Temperature Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (SURG)
Light Scatterring Characterization of Polystyrene Colloids
Light Scatterring Characterization of Monodisperse Polystyrenes in Solution
Stark Spectroscopic Structural and Electronic Binding Studies of DiSC2(5) Chiral Helical Aggregates with Theoretical, Biophysical, and Bioorganic Applications (SURG)
Synthesis and 1,8-dibromobiphenylene (SURG)
Synthesis and 1,8-dicyclooctatretraenylacenapthene (SURG)
Synthesis and 5,6-dicyclooctatretraenylbiphenylene (SURG)
Making a Better Mosquito Repellant (SURG)
Effects of Nitrogen Substitution on Charge Transfer in Aryl-Bridge Dicyclooctatetraenes (SURG)
The Synthesis of 2, 6-dibromoiodobenzene
Synthesis and Evaluation of an Aryl-bridged Dicyclooctatetranenes as an Organic Conducting Material (SURG)
Synthesis and Kinetic Investigation of Aryl-Bridged Dicyclooctatetraenes and their Dianions (SURG)
Designing and Implementing an Algorithm to Solve Arbitrary Solution Equilibria

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