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In addition to the diverse range of projects in which you can become involved, undergraduate research is often the highlight of a student's learning experience as a chemistry major because:

You have the opportunity to join a professor's research group and participate in interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of chemical science.

You can develop advanced laboratory skills in your area of interest and use state-of-the-art instrumentation.

You may receive pay or credit; research units often serve as electives for chemistry majors.

You can receive MCS College Research Honors at graduation (You must maintain a 3.2 GPA, undertake research, and either present the results at a meeting or be listed as a co-author on a published paper to be eligible.)

You can see and be part of the cutting-edge applications of your course work in developing new materials, solving environmental problems, and gaining detailed understanding of important biological systems.
You can experience the excitement of discovery working in partnership with faculty and graduate students who mentor you.

You can acquire hands-on experience and general scientific skills that will be valuable whether you choose to pursue graduate study, health professions, or careers in industry.

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