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Interested in getting a head start in your college education?

Summer Pre-College Programs
Carnegie Mellon offers a 6 week pre-college Advanced Placement Early Admission program for high school juniors or seniors. Students may enroll in credit bearing courses in Introduction to Modern Chemistry (09-105), Introduction the Experimental Chemistry (09-101), Physics (33-106), Programming (15-112/113), Differential Calculus (21-115), Integral Calculus (21-116), Concepts of Mathematics (21-127), Modern Biology (03-121), and a variety of other university courses.

High school juniors who do well in this program may apply to enroll at Carnegie Mellon early, or apply to skip their high school senior year and begin studies at Carnegie Mellon immediately. High school seniors who attend Carnegie Mellon can use the credits in the pre-college program and begin advanced studies.

A Summer Academy for Minority Scholars is also available for prospective students.

You may get credit for Advanced Placement courses taken at your high school if you score a 4 or 5 on the exam. See also MCS criteria for accepting Advanced Placement courses.

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