Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry

National Chemistry Week

photo of chemistry majors and Karen Stump at the Science Center for National Chemistry Week

Chemistry majors and Karen Stump at the Carnegie Science Center for National Chemistry Week.

photo of National Chemistry week event.

Denise Richards helping some kids at the National Chemistry week event.

Murder Mystery Dinner

photo of murder mystery cast

The cast of 2008 murder mystery dinner.

Undergraduate Program


ChemSAC is the undergraduate Student Advisory Committee for chemistry majors. All chemistry majors and first year students interested in the chemistry major are considered to be members of the organization and are invited to participate in all meetings and activities.

ChemSAC serves a curricular role in advising the department Committee on Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum on curricular initiatives and in providing feedback on current programs.

In addition ChemSAC serves an important social role in planning activities that bring students and faculty together in settings outside of the classroom.

Examples of recurring activities: