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A B.S. or B.A. degree in Chemistry is designed to prepare a student for employment in the chemical industry or for advanced studies at the graduate school level in chemistry. However, some students may wish to focus their choice of electives in specialized technical areas such as biochemistry or polymer science or non-technical areas such as business management. The Chemistry Department has set up several concentration areas called "Options" to recognize these efforts. Having an Options together with a chemistry degree signifies to graduate schools or employers that the student has undertaken an in-depth, structured study of a specialty area as part of their basic undergraduate education. A notation of this is entered officially on the student's transcript.

The options currently offered by the Chemistry Department are in the following areas:

Computational Chemistry
Polymer Science
Environmental Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Colloids, Polymers, and Surfaces

To earn one or more of these degree options, students take, as part of their electives, certain prescribed courses (usually four) in the area of the Option. Thus, earning an Option will not increase your course load.

While these Options are not the same as earning a minor in another department, they do indicate a certain degree of specialization that can be important when applying for graduate school or a job.

See the undergraduate catalog for informaton about chemistry degree options.

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