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Senior Awardees 2016

Dr. J. Paul Fugassi and Linda Monteverde Award
Hertz Foundation Fellow
Judith A. Resnik Award Honorable Mention

American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award

American Institute of Chemists Award

Andrew Carnegie Society Scholars

Carnegie Mellon University Student Commencement Speaker

College Award of the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh

Departmental Award for Seniors

Handlos Award for Seniors

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Parangi Family Scholarship

J. C. Warner Prize for Seniors

University Honors

(as of May 1, 2016)

MCS College Research Honors

College of Engineering College Honors

Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences College Honors

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Kappa Phi

Science and Humanities Scholars

Senior Leadership Recognition Award