Symposium honoring the career of Eckard Münck

Confirmed Speakers

Helmut Beinert, University of Wisconsin
Eckard Münck
Symposium Schedule

Encounters with Eckard

Edmund P. Day, Emory University

Peter Debrunner, University of Illinois
EM, Pd, P-450. etc.

James Fee, Scripps Research Institute
The Rieske protein as a paradigm for the interactions between physicists and biochemists

Brian G. Fox, University of Wisconsin
Accidents in plumbing, the creative use of cryogenics, and applications of spin control in metalloprotein research

Vincent Huynh, Emory University
The little shrimp and the [3Fe-4S] cluster; A lesson learned

Karl Kauffmann, Bank One
Clusters on an Enterprise Scale

Steve A. Koch, University of New York, Stony Brook
The Coordination Chemistry of Iron. Highlights from the First 300 Years

Paul Lindahl, Texas A&M University
Eckard's contribution to Nitrogenase, Acetyl-CoA Synthase, and to my view of science

John Lipscomb, University of Minnesota
Why Mössbauer Spectroscopy Was More Exciting than Watching Corn Grow in Urbana

Larry Que, University of Minnesota
Searching for Iron(IV)

Catalina Achim, Carnegie Mellon
Localization versus delocalization in and out of Eckard's lab

Terry Collins, Carnegie Mellon
Activation of O2 by Iron(III) Compounds

 Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry