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November 30, 2015

photo of Brian Holt and Zach Smith

Office Renovations Complete

Office renovations are (nearly) complete for the Sydlik group. Hopefully our new lab is soon to follow!

September 1, 2015

New undergraduate researchers!

Will Koshut (Junior, Chemistry) and Jadon Grove (Freshman, Chemical Engineering) join the Sydlik group.

July 1, 2015

photo of Brian Holt and Zach Smith

Dr. Brian Holt and Dr. Zach Smith join the Sydlik Group

The first postdocs join the Sydlik group! Brian earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at CMU and will be studying the biocompatibility of graphene oxide. Zach earned his PhD in Chemistry at Tufts and will be investigating the mechanical properties of conductive polymers.

June 17, 2015

photo of Stefanie Sydlik, Zoe Wright and Annie Arnold

The Sydlik Group attends the 89th ACS Colloids and Surfaces Meeting

The group attended their first conference! This meeting was held in Pittsburgh June 15-17. Annie and Zoe gave a poster entitled "Towards Osteomimetic Graphene Composite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration" and Prof. Sydlik gave a talk entitled "The In Vivo Compatibility of Graphene Oxide." Here we are Monday night, enjoying the poster session.

Learn more about the conference

April 7, 2015

image of petri dishes and mouse

Prof. Sydlik's paper and Zoe's artwork featured in ACS Nano

Dr. Sydlik's postdoctoral work in the Langer lab at MIT was published in ACS Nano. This work shows the oxidized form of graphene, known as graphene oxide or GO, displays good in vivo biocompatibility. First year graduate student Zoe Wright's artwork was featured along with the article.

Read the full paper or the highlight on NanoTechWeb

Image credit: Zoe Wright

April 7, 2015

photo of Annie Arnold with Farnam Jahanian

Annie wins the Three Minute Thesis competition

Annie Arnold, a first year graduate student in the Sydlik group, wins the university-wide Three Minute Thesis competition. She presented on her thesis work entitled "Modified graphene: Biodegradable bone implants." Congratulations, Annie!

Read the CMU homepage article

image of bone regeneration

December 2014

Zoe Wright and Anne Arnold join the group!

First year chemistry graduate students Zoe Wright and Anne Arnold become the first members of the Sydlik group. Their research will focus on the development of an osteomimetic graphene composite for bone regeneration.

Image credit: Zoe Wright