Present Status of the CRP Consortium

The CRP Consortium began operation on January 1, 2001.

The Consortium has the same overall objectives as the Center for Macromolecular Engineering {link} but uses the funds received from Consortium Members to address topics of particular interest to the Members.

The CRP Consortium will continue indefinitely with annual renewal of Membership that can be cancelled after 180 days notice. The annual cost of Membership is $25,000. There is a special reduced rate for small corporations with less then 25 employees: $5,000.

We are continuing to accept new Members who are interested in interacting with the Center for Macromolecular Engineering to expedite development of products based on CRP technologies.

Please, check for additional details at the following links: Summary of Benefits of Membership in the CRP Consortium, Objectives, Center for Macromolecular Engineering, and Research Contract Agreement (pdf file).

CRP Consortium Members and the Matyjaszewski Research Group
Photograph taken on March 22, 2005 at the CRP Consortium Spring 2005 Meeting

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