1. Long range ordering of nano-phase separated block copolymer using Zone Casting technique

Chuanbing Tang (Currently at UCSB)

Wei Wu (Currently at Intel)

John McGann


C. B. Tang, A. Tracz, M. Kruk, R. Zhang, D. M. Smilgies, K. Matyjaszewski, T. Kowalewski. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2005, 127, 6918-6919.

2. Spatial control of morphology in block copolymers

Wei Wu


Block copolymers with chemically distinct segments exhibit a variety of nanostructures depending on the volume fraction of each block.  Controlling the orientations of such nano-structures of phase separated block copolymers leads to potential applications as lithographic masks.  Typical strategies involve the use of external fields.  Herein, we report a simple solution based directional casting method, so called “zone casting” to achieve long range ordering of block copolymer films.  Furthermore, through carrying out zone casting at various temperatures and casting speeds, we demonstrate that controlling the orientations of block copolymers with lamellar and cylindrical morphologies is possible


(A paper is in preparation)

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