Carnegie Mellon University


Atomic Force Microscopes

(All Veeco Instruments)


(1) Dimension 3100 (Nanoscope V Controller, TUNA, TR, EFM, Fluids, ) with Acoustic/Vibration Isolation System


(2) Nanoscope III Multimode system (Digital Instruments, Santa Barbara, CA) equipped with A,D and vertical engage J scanners, STM head and AFM optical heads, fluid cells, specialized cantilever holders (force modulation, electric force microscopy, Kelvin probe microscopy), high temperature accessory with water-cooled vertical engage J scanner (Digital Instruments), heating stage for temperature ~300 C, and Q-control system (Infinitesima).


(3) Bioscope SZ


Xray Scattering: Rigaku SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS with BEDE Microsource X-ray generator with Cu target, Osmic Confocal Max-FluxT, 3 pinhole collimation and 2-D, Gabriel design, multiwire, gas filled, proportional type detector


Electrical characterization:

Signatone manual 4-point, a Keithley 2400 SourceMeter, a 2182 Nanovoltmeter, a 2162 SYSTEM SourceMeter with two channel capabilities, a capacitance bride, and a triple channel oscilloscope


Thermal analysis:

DSC and TGA (Seiko Instruments)


Rotary tube furnace with gas-tight reactor and temperature-sensitive gas control for 4 gases (HTM Reetz GmbH)


Casting Techniques:

Spin coater and Langmuir-Blodgett trough, a Zone Caster used for directional casting of thin films



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