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About TAML®

diagram of TAML moleculeTAML® catalysts are inventions belonging to Carnegie Mellon University that have the following useful properties:

  • Activate one of Nature’s two principal oxidizing agents, hydrogen peroxide, to give alternatives to polluting chlorine-based technologies and totally new oxidation processes
  • Water-soluble, easy to use, and work over broad pH range
  • Lead to highly selective chemistry in commercial processes where selectivity is vital
  • Straightforward to synthesize in scalable processes — high quality synthesis has been developed
  • Amenable to modification for capturing novel selectivities
  • Effective in minute concentrations, capable of more than 10,000 turnovers per hour
  • Work well below the temperatures commonly encountered in chlorine-based counterpart processes: promise of huge energy savings
  • First “dial-a-lifetime” catalysts — the catalyst can be chosen such that it will perform the desired task and then destroy itself — very important original green design idea
  • Current effective lifetime range from seconds to several hours - moving to days
  • Comprised exclusively of the elements of life — no elemental toxicity — prototype is nontoxic
  • Demand for activators should range across an array of large oxidation-centered fields leading to economies of scale in production and marketing costs