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For a photos of the Cruikshank's
(Marilyn's maternal family), click here

For a photo album of the Mead Family circa 1908-1911,
with images of Yosemite Park
(Marilyn's maternal grandmother's sister),
(46 MB .pdf file), click here

For a photo album of the Wickes & De Foe's
(Guy's maternal family), click here

For a photo album by Guy's mother from the era 1924-38
(30 MB .pdf file), click here

For selections from a photo album of the Berry family
collected by Carole Berry Terpening (2 MB .pdf file), click here

For a .pdf file of the Lewis Wickes Photo Album, cira 1937, click here

For a story about our Christmas 1975, click here

For a picture of a Japanese Tea Ceremony in Forest Hills, 1978, click here


For a humorous look at fatherhood, click here


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Marilyn & Guy

Sep 2002


Information of our families, relatives and ancestors is available to family members on request.

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