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Photograph Stefan Bernhard Stefan Bernhard started his chemistry career as a laboratory technician with Chocolat Tobler, which was followed by a degree in chemical engineering from the Ingenieurschule Burgdorf. Further endeavours, under Prof. Peter Belser at the Université de Fribourg, were rewarded with a diploma and a PhD in chemistry. These primarily synthetic studies were complemented by a laser spectroscopy project at Los Alamos National Laboratory with Dr Jon Schoonover and time in the Abruña group at Cornell University focused on electrochemistry. Stefan Bernhard’s first faculty appointment at Princeton University explored luminescent metal complexes for optoelectronic and solar conversion applications. He moved to Carnegie Mellon University in July 2009 where he was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2014.


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    Danielle N. Chirdon Graduate Student / University of Pittsburgh
Danielle Chirdon Photograph
    Husain N. Kagalwala Graduate Student / University of Pune
      Husain Kagalwala Photo
    Mo Li Graduate Student / University of Science and Technology
      Mo Li Photograph
    Jonathan A. Porras Graduate Student / Marist College
    Isaac N. Mills Graduate Student / Youngstown State University
      Isaac Mills
    Dr. James Woods  
    Dr. Anthony Brooks Johnson&Johnson
    Dr. Brian F. DiSalle Booz Allen Hamilton
    Dr. Johanna Hummel Postdoctoral Researcher / Ph.D. University of Paderborn
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    Prof. Dustin M. Jenkins Trine University
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    Dr. Stefan Metz BASF Central Research
    Dr. Neal McDaniel Phillips66
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    Dr. Eric Cline Hydrotex, Director of Research & Development
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    Dr. Lenny L. Tinker Department of Energy
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    Dr. Frederick J. Coughlin NSA?
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    Prof. Eli Zysman-Colman University of St. Andrews
      Eli pic
    Dr. Karl D. Oyler Picatinny Arsenal
    Dr. Jingjing Wang Arbor Vita Corporation, CA / Ph.D. Defense Fall 2009
    Prof. Jonas I. Goldsmith Bryn Mawr College
      Jonas pic
    Dr. Michael Lowry Naval Surface Warfare Center
      Mike pic
    Prof. Angela L. Sauers Susquehanna University
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