The Münck Group


Why this logo?

     We are quite fond of [3Fe-4S] clusters. We discovered this cluster form (Emptage et al. 1980) and reported the first [3Fe-4S] ↔ [4Fe-4S] cluster interconversion (Kent et al. 1982 ). The Mössbauer spectrum of the reduced [3Fe-4S] cluster from D. gigas FdII, attached to the logo cluster, required a novel Hamiltonian for exchange coupling in clusters (double exchange, Papaefthymiou et al. 1987). The same cluster, in the oxidized state, has an unusual EPR signal which we were able to explain by considering the rarely observed antisymmetric exchange (Sanakis et al. 2000).
Double exchange was introduced in the fifties into solid state physics by C. Zener and P.W. Anderson (and then nearly forgotten). Double exchange is also referred to as “spin-dependent delocalization”.

updated 7/2007