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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Time Off and Leaves of Absence

MCS Policy on Graduate Student Time Off

Students with graduate assistantships are expected to continue with their research during academic breaks (including summer months) with the exception of official University holidays. Paid time off for personal business or vacations generally is not included as part of a graduate’s financial support. A supported graduate student who wants to take a short break (one or two weeks) must get approval for that break from his/her advisor and, if required by the terms of the student’s support package, must make up the work.

Supported graduate students wishing to take longer periods of personal time off must do so without financial support. The advisor will notify the Department’s Business Office of any such arrangements so that an appropriate adjustment in the student’s support can be processed.

The timing and length of any time off must be approved in advance by the advisor before travel commitments are made. Before absences, the student must discuss with the supervising faculty member(s) ways to ensure that his/her progress is satisfactory and that research and/or teaching responsibilities can be met satisfactorily. Students with TA responsibilities are expected to be on campus to attend any department required TA training and at the end of the semester to finish grading or other duties assigned by the department.