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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Resources for Exceptional or Challenging Situations

Graduate Ombudsperson

Rea Freeland serves as ombudsperson for graduate students to assist with difficult academic or personal situations where a confidential sounding board and/or an intermediary can be helpful. Examples of situations where students are encouraged to seek advice or assistance include:

Upon the student’s request, information shared will be kept in confidence, as long as no laws require otherwise. Should help be needed from additional sources, the student would be asked before sharing confidential information. More about departmental ombudspersons can be found on the MCS website.

In the event that a difficulty cannot be resolved within the department, Rea Freeland in the capacity of ombudsperson for all MCS graduate students can also assist with following the grievance procedures for resolving difficult matters which are available on the university graduate policy website.

Additionally, students may confer with the university graduate student ombudsperson, Suzie Laurich-McIntyre,, on issues of process or other concerns as they navigate conflicts. Suzie Laurich-McIntyre is the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education.