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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Getting Oriented

Teaching Support and Resources

In addition to departmental TA training, graduate students can find support for careers with teaching as a very significant or primary component through central university resources and are encouraged to talk with departmental faculty to make the most of opportunities within the department.

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence

The Eberly Center provides seminars and individual consultations to help graduate students who wish to improve their teaching or prepare for future careers as faculty members. For students who may wish to pursue academic careers, particularly at four-year colleges or teaching-intensive universities, this is an invaluable opportunity to prepare for those positions. More resources are available at Eberly Center website.

Intercultural Communication Center (ICC)

The ICC’s language training and testing for non-native speakers of English at Carnegie Mellon is designed to help students achieve the robust English fluency needed for teaching in the American classroom and giving professional-quality presentations. The ICC is the central resource for satisfying the department’s requirements for English proficiency and the University requirements related to certification of English fluency. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource even after passing the ITA test at the level required by the department in order to make their English fluency an asset in teaching, research communications, and their future careers.More details about ICC programs and policies are available at the ICC website.