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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Getting Oriented


Department of Chemistry Main Office Location: Mellon Institute, Room 408

Department of Chemistry Graduate Program Office Location: Mellon Institute, Room 404

Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Program Office Location: Doherty Hall, Room 1317

Departmental Directory

Departmental Event Calendar

Mailing Address: Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University, 4400 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone Numbers: (412) 268-1062 for general concerns, e.g. departmental seminars and events; (412) 286-3150 for graduate student issues; (412) 268-2340 for teaching-related questions

Department of Chemistry Faculty: Current faculty, including affiliated faculty whose primary appointment is in another CMU department but who have a courtesy appointment in Chemistry, can be found here.

ID Cards: You can get your Carnegie Mellon photo ID card at the HUB. Your card will also give you access to Mellon Institute (MI) and the MI library after 5:00 PM. These ID cards have recently added features, including the ability to submit your ID photo online.

Keys: Students typically receive a key to an office/laboratory when they are assigned a temporary desk or join a group when the faculty member agrees. It is the student’s responsibility to return that key in person to Sara Wainer when they either leave that group or graduate. Office keys will also open the Copy Room (MI 400).

Phones: Most Carnegie Mellon phone numbers begin with 268. When you are on campus, you dial simply 8 and the last four numbers. For off campus calls, dial 9+1 and the ten-digit number. Long distance calls are billed to you individually.

Parking and Transportation: If you want to purchase a parking permit (prices vary according to location), you need to contact the Parking Office immediately (x8-2052) since student spaces may run out. The university has an arrangement with the Pittsburgh bus system so that you can ride free in a large region with your Carnegie Mellon ID. Students interested in evening and weekend parking nearby should contact Rea Freeland about free access to Dithridge Garage after 5 PM and on weekends.

Computer Accounts and Email: You should already have a computer account on the “Andrew” system when you arrive. You may want or need to have multiple accounts but we strongly recommend that you use your Andrew email account when communicating with CMU faculty and staff. You should plan to check your email at least twice a day. The majority of important announcements and requirements will be sent to you only by email.

Mailboxes and Mailroom: The Mellon Institute mailroom is on the third floor near the freight elevator. You have been assigned a mailbox, typically shared with several other students. You should plan to check your physical mailbox at least 2–3 times per week. Jack Thorpe at x8-3170 manages the MI mailroom if you have questions.

Temporary desk and computing: You will be assigned a temporary desk in a lab where you will be able to work and get to know other students until you join a group. Until you have a temporary desk assignment (typically assigned on Friday of the first week of Orientation), your main access to computing will be through your own device on the university’s wireless network or the computers in the Mellon Institute Library.

Photocopiers and Fax: The department’s photocopier/scanner/fax machine is located in MI 400. There is a Quick Guide on the shelf next to the machine that explains how to use the basic functions. If you are making copies, you will need to enter your research group’s access code which can be found on the first page of the Quick Guide. If you are receiving a fax, the number is (412) 268-1061. You can sign out journals from the MI Library for very brief periods (2 hours) to make copies. Teaching assistants will typically be responsible for course-related copying and should use the copier in the Doherty Hall undergraduate office for this purpose.