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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Getting Oriented

Introduction to Facilities and Resources

Center for Molecular Analysis (CMA)

The Center for Molecular Analysis provides training to faculty, graduate students and research staff in the operation of the various instruments there, including FTIR/NIR, UV/VIS/NIR, NMRs, MALDI/TOF mass spectrometer, Quadrupole field ion trap mass spectrometer, Diode Array UV-VIS, CD, and HPLC. Reservations for time on the CMA instruments can be made online.


Mark Bier, Director, CMA
Location: Mellon Institute 551
Telephone: x8-3540

Roberto Gil, Director of NMR Facility
Location: Mellon Institute 302
Telephone: x8-4313

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

EH&S provides expert training and overall guidance in safe management of chemicals and biological agents in research and teaching labs. The department also has asked each research group to appoint a safety officer so you will have someone nearby who is familiar with the university and EPA expectations and safe lab practices particular to your group. EH&S will provide the training you need for your research; please ask your advisor about any specialized training you may need (e.g. biological safety, radiation).

Graduate Student Lounge

The Graduate Student Lounge serves as an informal gathering place for graduate students in the Departments of Chemistry and Biological Sciences so they can take a short break from the office/lab. The main lounge is for social interaction with a small area that can be used as an occasional workspace. The code to unlock the door is 134.

Location: MI 729 A&B
Contact: Jon Willcox
Telephone: x8-1054

Mellon Institute Gym

The MI Gym has weight lifting equipment, cardio equipment, and a yoga room. Free fitness classes are also offered in Mellon Institute on a regular basis. Please send an email to to obtain a waiver that you must sign to gain access to the gym.

Location: MI 301
Contact: Alex Carpenter
Telephone: x8-2944

Mellon Institute Library

The MI Library has an excellent collection, particularly in journal holdings.

Location: Fourth floor of Mellon Institute
Contact: Donna Beck, Library Liaison 
Telephone: x8-7213

Mellon Institute Storeroom

The MI Storeroom is the shipping and receiving area for MI and also stocks chemicals, electrical supplies, and hardware.

Location: Third floor, near the rear entrance/exit.
Contact: Ray Butko
Telephone: x8-3212

Mellon Institute Post Office and Mellon Institute Copy Center

The MI Post Office handles U.S., international, and campus mail during limited hours in the morning. Copying facilities are available for use with departmental account number.

Location: Third floor, near the rear entrance/exit, by the freight elevator.
Contact: Jack Thorpe
Telephone: x8-3170

Mothers’ Room

A small private room is available to new mothers inside the women’s room on the 2nd floor of MI. The space is equipped with a comfortable chair and table, as well as a changing table. No key is required for access.

Location: MI 210

Undergraduate Program Office

Many instructors use this as a common location where TAs pick up student papers.

Location: Doherty Hall 1317
Contact: Georgene Wittig
Telephone: x8-2318

Undergraduate Computer Cluster

These Macs and PCs are for chemistry major use and can be a place for you to respond to email conveniently when you are in Doherty.

Location: Doherty Hall 2300
Contact: Georgene Wittig
Telephone: x8-2318

Undergraduate Laboratories

The Doherty Hall labs are the location for the laboratory courses in which many graduate students work as TAs.

Locations: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, enter at Doherty Hall south entrance
Contact: Karen Stump, Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies and Laboratories
Telephone: x8-2340