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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Financial Matters

Sources of Financial Support

Full-time Ph.D. students in the Department of Chemistry in good standing normally receive financial support as either a teaching assistant or aresearch assistant, with tuition and fees included in that support package. Students funded on research grants are responsible for prioritizing their time appropriately based on their source of support and asking their advisor any time they are unsure of these priorities. Students who are fully funded on a grant are normally expected to devote 100% of their effort to that grant.

To be considered full-time, students must be registered for a minimum of 36 units. Students who fail to register for at least 36 units by the announced Workday deadline each semester will be administratively withdrawn and are not eligible to be paid. Building access with a CMU ID card is automatically terminated. Failure to register also jeopardizes student health insurance, student loans, and affects tuition charges for research advisors and the department. Students who are not registered properly risk the loss of student status which is a very serious problem, particularly for students on a visa, and difficult to correct.

Students who have achieved ABD status may have the option to switch from ABD in residence status to in absentia (ABS) which can often allow the completion of thesis writing while employed elsewhere once experimental work is complete. Please refer to Carnegie Mellon’s Doctoral Student Status Policy or discuss with the departmental graduate ombudsperson about details.