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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Financial Matters

Written Notice of Changes in Financial Support

Every effort is made to provide continuous support to students in good standing, within the limits of the available resources. The Department places a high priority on maintaining continuous financial support for graduate students, and provides notice to stu­dents on changes in their financial support, with a 6 month written notification, where possible, in the event of a change in the funding. If a student’s funding is lost or reduced unexpectedly and continuous funding proves difficult to arrange, the student should first consult the Department Head and, if needed, the Associate Dean for Special Projects.

If a student is terminated from the Ph.D. Program, the student’s first notice of a possible change in financial support will normally be when he/she is initially placed on probation. The probationary period will typically last 3-4 months. If conditions for reestablishing good standing are not met within that time, a student may, depending on departmental resources and available positions, receive a terminal semester in the department with funding through a TA position during the academic year or other employment during the summer.