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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Appendix A

Key Offices for Health, Wellness & Safety

Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) affords the opportunity for students to talk privately about issues that are significant for them in a safe, confidential setting. Students sometimes feel confused about why they are feeling upset and perhaps confused about how to deal with it. An initial consultation with a CAPS therapist will clarify options and provide a recommendation to the appropriate mental health resource at Carnegie Mellon or the larger Pittsburgh community. CAPS services are provided at no cost. There are, however, limits on the number of sessions. Follow-up psychiatric services and off-campus referrals for longer term therapy are at the client’s expense. Appointments can be made in person or by telephone, (412) 268-2922.

Health Services

University Health Services (UHS) is staffed by physicians, advanced practice clinicians and registered nurses who provide general medical care, allergy injections, first aid, gynecological care and contraception as well as on-site pharmaceuticals. There is a small visit fee to see the physicians and advanced practice clinicians; nurse visits are free of charge. Fees for prescription medications, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures and referral to the emergency room or specialists are the student’s responsibility. UHS also has a registered dietician and health promotion specialist on staff to assist students in addressing nutrition, drug and alcohol and other healthy lifestyle issues. In addition to providing direct health care, UHS administers the Student Health Insurance Program. The Student Health insurance plan offers a high level of coverage in a wide network of health care providers and hospitals. It also covers most of the fees for care at Student Health Services. Graduate students should contact UHS to discuss options for health insurance for spouses, domestic partners and dependents. Appointments can be made by visiting UHS’s website or by telephone, (412) 268-2157.

University Police

(412) 268-2323 (emergency only), (412) 268-6232 (non-emergency)

The University Police Department is located at 300 South Craig Street, Room 199 (entrance is on Filmore Street). The department’s services include police patrols and call response, criminal investigations, shuttle and escort services (additional information included in the Parking and Transportation section of the handbook), fixed officer and foot officer patrols, event security, and crime prevention and education programming. Visit the department’s website for additional information about the staff, escort and shuttle, emergency phone locations, crime prevention, lost and found, finger print services, and annual statistic reports.

The Word

The Word is Carnegie Mellon University’s student on-line handbook and is considered a supplement to the department (and sometimes college) handbook. The Word contains campus resources and opportunities, academic policy information and resources, community standards information and resources. It is designed to provide all students with the tools, guidance, and insights to help them achieve their full potential as members of the Carnegie Mellon community. Information about the following is included in The Word (not an exhaustive list) and graduate students are encouraged to bookmark this site and refer to it often:

Carnegie Mellon Vision, Mission
Carnegie Code
Academic Resources & Opportunities
                  Academic Advising
                  Academic Resources

Standards for Academic & Creative Life
                  Educational Goals
                  Academic and Individual Freedom
                  Statement on Academic Integrity
                  Academic Policies and Procedures
                                  Human Subjects in Research
                                  Intellectual Property Policy
                                  Office of Research Integrity & Compliance
                                  Office of Sponsored Programs
                                  Policy for Handling Alleged Misconduct of Research
                                  Policy on Restricted Research

Campus Resources & Opportunities
                  Alumni Relations
                  Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities
                  Athletics, Physical Fitness & Recreation
                  Carnegie Mellon ID Cards and Services
                  Copying, Printing & Mailing
                  Division of Student Affairs
                  Domestic Partner Registration
                  Emergency Student Loan Program
                  Gender Identity
                  GLBT Resources
                  Health Services
                  Dining Services
                  The HUB Student Services Center
                  Leonard Gelfand Center
                  Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives
                  Opportunities for Involvement
                  Parking and Transportation Services
                  Sexual Assault Advisors
                  Shuttle and Escort Services
                  Spiritual Development
                  University Center
                  University Police
                  University Stores

Community Standards, Policies and Procedures
                  Alcohol and Drugs Policy
                  AIDS Policy
                  Bicycle/Wheeled Transportation Policy
                  Damage to Carnegie Mellon Property
                  Deadly Weapons
                  Discriminatory Harassment
                  Disorderly Conduct
                  Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy
                  Freedom of Expression Policy
                  Health Insurance Policy
                  Immunization Policy
                  Missing Student Protocol
                  Non-Discrimination Policy
                  On-Campus Emergencies
                  Political Activities
                  Recycling Policy
                  Riotous and Disorderly Behavior
                  Safety Hazards
                  Scheduling and Use of University Facilities
                  Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy
                  Smoking Policy
                  Student Accounts Receivable and Collection Policy and Procedures
                  Student Activities Fee
                  Student Enterprises
                  Workplace Threats and Violence Policy