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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Evaluation of Student Standing and Progress Toward Ph.D.

Annual Reviews

Each fall the Graduate Program Committee will solicit brief status reports from each student in the program, along with a written response from the student’s advisor, to serve as the basis for an annual review of students’ progress through the graduate program. The primary goals of the Annual Review are (1) to check for and address significant concerns of students and/or advisors that may significantly affect a student’s timely progress to the Ph.D. and (2) to facilitate advisor feedback on issues or skills important for students’ future career development, particularly those that may otherwise fall into the background during the year. The major components of the review process are:

Since students do not attend the annual review meeting, they are encouraged to meet with the GPC Co-Chairs prior to the review if they wish to share additional information with the committee relevant to the review. Advisors or students who have concerns that are difficult to express in their written reports should consult with the one of GPC Co-Chairs to discuss how to best communicate their concerns.