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Carnegie Mellon Department of Chemistry

Guide to Graduate Studies

Excellence in graduate training is central to the research and teaching missions of our department. The success of our Ph.D. students is of paramount importance to us. This handbook, available online along with supplementary materials, is intended to provide a clear guide to the steps leading to the Ph.D. All Ph.D. students are responsible for familiarity with the requirements that are in place when they enter the program and should retain this handbook as an important reference. Note that students must complete the academic program requirements in place when they enter unless they elect to change to newer ones.

Our Ph.D. program emphasizes research training and productivity, original and creative thinking, and developing excellent communication skills to support a successful scientific career. The handbook describes:

All of the requirements in this handbook apply to students entering the program beginning in Fall 2011. Since some requirements differ from those that apply to students entering in previous semesters, new students should always check their own handbook to confirm requirements and inquire with us about any questions. Procedures and policies such as those on program oversight, financial matters and additional policies may be updated frequently and the new policies will apply to all current students at that time.

Graduate Program Committee