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photo of Dia Das

Anindita (Dia) Das, recipient of the 2014 McWilliams Fellowship.

Chemistry McWilliams Fellows

Graduate Program

College and Departmental Fellowships

The McWilliams Fellowship in the Mellon College of Science will support MCS graduate students conducting leading-edge research in emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biophysics and cosmology. The fellowship will provide full tuition, stipend and fees for one year, or until the recipient graduates, whichever comes first. The student will receive $1000 in a discretionary fund for conference travel or other research expenses. To be eligible, students must be in at least their third year and have completed all of the requirements for the Ph.D. that are expected at their stage in the program. Each MCS department may nominate 1–2 students. All McWilliams fellowship recipients.

Thanks to a generous endowed gift, the Department of Chemistry also offers the John & Nancy Harrison Legacy Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Harrison Legacy Fellowship is awarded to a dedicated graduate student based on research accomplishments and promise. The fellowship provide $3000/year as a supplement to the students' stipend with up to $1000/year of the fellowship funds to be used for the student's travel to conferences. Students must have ABD status to be eligible.

An endowed fund for supporting conference travel for Chemistry graduate students in physical chemistry or chemical physics has been created in honor of Edwin N. Lassettre, the Edwin N. Lassettre Graduate Travel Award honors a former Carnegie Mellon University faculty member who was internationally known for pioneering work in electron-impact spectroscopy.  Please see Professor Lassettre's 1990 obituary in Physics Today for more about his exemplary career in physical chemistry.

Competitive applicants are also encouraged to pursue other fellowships. Both NSF and NIH provide support for 5 years.

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