Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry

Past Poster Sessions

Graduate Program

Poster Session for Research Progress Reports

Friday, February 20, 2015
4:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Mellon Institute Conference Room, Third Floor

Fourth semester Chemistry graduate students will present their research at the poster session, as noted by the Research Progress Report requirement.

Committee members should plan to attend to give students preliminary feedback before their oral exams. All members of the department are encouraged to participate in the discussions. Refreshments will be served.

Questions about the poster session can be directed to Valerie Bridge, or x8-3150.

Sikandar Abbas

Effect of Metal Films on the Photostabilities of Emissive Organic Layers as Probed by Fluorescence Microscopy

Committee: Linda Peteanu, Rongchao Jin, Michael Bockstaller

Matthew Baker

Developing Moieties for Semiconducting Polymers with New Morphologies: Chiral and Ionic Conjugated Polymers

Committee: Kevin Noonan, Tomasz Kowalewski, Stefan Bernhard

Alex Carpenter

Tandem Tagging Systems for Sensing of Protein-Protein Interactions

Committee: Marcel Bruchez, Kevin Noonan, Alan Russell

Nadine Currie

Heterocyclic Conjugated Materials for Organic Electronics: Results on Potential Monomers

Committee: Kevin Noonan, Newell Washburn, Marcel Bruchez

Jacob Good

The Functional Role of the Oxide Support in the Catalysis of Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide by Supported Atomically Precise Thiolate-Protected Au38(SR)24 Nanoclusters

Committee: Rongchao Jin, Linda Peteanu, Catalina Achim

Eric Gottlieb

Nanostructured Carbons for Applied Energy Catalysis

Committee: Tomasz Kowalewski, David Yaron, Stefan Bernhard, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

Victoria Hofbauer

Committee: Neil Donahue, Ryan Sullivan, Mark Bier

Wei-Che Hsieh

In-Situ Nucleic Acid Detection and Signal Amplification

Committee: Danith Ly, Bruce Armitage, Kevin Noonan

Haichen Li

Research Progress about Molecular Similarty in Quantum Chemistry and Computational Electro-Chemical Study of Hydrogen Evolution on Edge-N-Doped Graphene Sheets

Committee: David Yaron, Maria Kurnikova, Rongchao Jin

Jiannan Li

A Self-Consistent Charge Optimization Scheme for Ionic Liquids and the Interaction Between Zinc Oxide Surfaces and Ionic Liquids

Committee: Hyung Kim, David Yaron, Kevin Noonan

Stephanie Mack

A Multipronged Approach to RNA Therapeutics

Committee: Subha Das, Newell Washburn, Danith Ly

Samaneh Mesbahi

NMDA Receptor Transmembrane Domain: Structure and Divalent Ion Selectivity

Committee: Maria Kurnikova, Hyung Kim, Michael Hendrich

Logan Plath

Progress in Heavy Ion Mass Spectrometry of Macromolecules

Committee: Mark Bier, Linda Peteanu, Ryan Sullivan

Michael Polen

Atmospheric Processing of Biomass Burning Smoke and its Resulting Climate Forcing Properties: Aqueous Brown Carbon and Ice Nucleating Particles

Committee: Ryan Sullivan, Neil Donahue, Linda Peteanu

Thomas Ribelli

Mechanistic Investigation of Photochemically Mediated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

Committee: Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Stefan Bernhard, Kevin Noonan

Serzhan Sakipov

Accurate PKA Calculation of Titrable Groups in Ensembles of Protein Conformations with Application to pH Dependent Unfolding

Committee: Maria Kurnikova, Hyung Kim, Michael Hendrich

Artur Sargun

Metal-Modified Peptide Nucleic Acids

Committee: Catalina Achim, Bruce Armitage, Kevin Noonan

Guojun Xie

Super-Soft Elastomers Based on ABA Triblock Molecular Bottlebrushes

Committee: Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Kevin Noonan, Newell Washburn

Jiajun Yan

Polymer Nanocomposites via Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

Committee: Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Tomasz Kowalewski, Michael Bockstaller

Qing Ye

Understanding Mixing Dynamics of Atmospheric Organic Aerosols

Committee: Neil Donahue, Ryan Sullivan, Terrence Collins, Peter Adams

Shuo Zhao

Nanosized Platinum Particles as Effective Electrocatalysts for Methanol Oxidation Reaction

Committee: Rongchao Jin, Linda Peteanu, Terrence Collins