Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry

Past Poster Sessions

Graduate Program

Poster Session for Research Progress Reports

Friday, February 17, 2016
4:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Mellon Institute Social Room, Third Floor

The following 4th semester Chemistry graduate students will present their research at the poster session on Friday, February 17 from 4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. in the Mellon Institute Social Room, Third Floor.

Committee members should plan to attend to give students preliminary feedback before their oral exams. All members of the department are encouraged to participate in the discussions. Refreshments will be served.

Questions about the poster session can be directed to Valerie Bridge, or x8-3150.

Liye Fu

Direct ATRP of methacrylic acid by bio-inspired iron porphyrin catalyst, and synthesis of protein polymer hybrids to enhance enzyme performance

Advisor: Kris Matyjaszewski
Committee Members: Subha Das (chair) and Alan Russell

Tatsuya Higaki

Atomically Precise Gold Nanoclusters: Structure and Properties

Advisor: Rongchao Jin Committee: Linda Peteanu (chair), S.R. Das

Lydia Jahl

Detection and chemical analysis of ice nucleating particles in biomass burning aerosol

Advisor: Ryan Sullivan Committee Members: Neil Donahue (Chair), Terry Collins

Dmytro Kolodieznyi

Development and Improvement of Photomodules with Imaging and Targeted Damage Capabilities

Advisors: Bruce Armitage and Marcel Bruchez Committee members: S.R. Das (chair), Alan Waggoner

Paul Kornbluh

Toward the optimization of the synthesis of a disulfonamide NewTAML activator

Advisor: Terry Collins Committee: Ryan Sullivan, Stefanie Sydlik (chair)

Dinithi Perera

Janus-Base approach towards treating neurodegenerative diseases associated with RNA triplet repeat expansion

Advisor: Danith Ly Committee Members: Bruce Armitage (chair) and Marcel Bruchez

Meredith Schervish

Dynamic Modeling of Wall Loss and Photochemical Reactions in a Teflon Atmospheric Smog Chamber

Advisor: Neil Donahue Committee Members: Ryan Sullivan (Chair), Peter Adams, Kevin Noonan

Jiqiao Shi

Creating a Methodology for Coordinating High-resolution Air Quality Improvement Map and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies in Pittsburgh, PA

Advisor: Neil Donahue (Joint EPP/Chemistry Ph.D. student)

Daniel Siroky

Synthesis of a Hydroxyl Terminated Triptycene Additive for Polyurethane Systems for 3D Printing Applications

Advisor: Stefanie Sydlik Committee: Kevin Noonan (chair) and Tomek Kowalewski

Yi Wang

Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization in Miniemulsion and Electrochemically Initiated Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Transfer Polymerization

Advisor: Kris Matyjaszewski Committee Members: Kevin Noonan (chair), Robert Tilton

Rui Yuan

Mesoporous N-doped carbons from polyacrylonitrile-b-poly(butyl acrylate) block copolymers and bottlebrushes

Advisor: Kris Matyjaszewski Committee Members: Tomasz Kowalewski (chair), Michael R. Bockstaller