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Bruce Armitage discovers "Petrolosaurus"

One hundred dinosaur sculptures were displayed at numerous locations in Pittsburgh over the summer as part of The Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s ‘DinoMite Days’ program. Serendipity brought the dinosaur sculpture named "Petrolosaurus" to the Shadyside home of associate professor of chemistry Bruce Armitage, pictured here. The dinosaur depicts the origins and chemical structures of fossil fuels.

We've written a few appropriate captions but challenge you all to come up with something better. Submit your alternatives to either Nicole Reading ( or Bruce Armitage ( — the best submitted captions will be recognized at next year's retreat (along with favorite definitions for knedels).

Dinosaur photo #1:

A. Prof. Armitage ponders a new direction for his research: "What's so hard about this paleontology stuff? I found this dinosaur right outside my front door!"

B. Sure, Prof. Armitage has a little gray hair, but he's not THAT old.

C. Prof. Armitage wasn't satisfied with getting a cat or a dog as a pet. "Fido isn't very affectionate, but at least I'll never have to get him neutered!"

D. "Fido isn't very affectionate, but at least he's quiet and I never have to clean up after him!"

Dinosaur photo #2:

A. Prof. Armitage proposes a radical new theory: "It wasn't a comet or a meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs: it was pi electrons!"

B. ( was benzene!)

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