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Many of our faculty have research interests that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and combine many of areas of expertise within chemistry. Carnegie Mellon Chemistry has faculty renowned in several areas: bioinorganic and bioorganic chemistry, biophysics, green chemistry, organic and materials chemistry, polymer science, nuclear chemistry, and theoretical and computational chemistry.

Brief Faculty Profiles
This section is provided as an overview of the range and quality of expertise of the Carnegie Mellon faculty.

Groups Listed by Research Area
Many Carnegie Mellon faculty members' research interests often fall at the boundaries of some familiar research categories. This list of groups highlights several research strengths of the department.

Research Area Descriptions

The Department of Chemistry maintains the latest in instrumentation and computing facilities to support a first-class research program. Carnegie Mellon’s many interdisciplinary research centers provide additional resources to allow the department to constantly stretch the boundaries of the problems we tackle.

Selected Publications

Related Research Centers
All of the department’s faculty have research collaborations outside the university. In addition, many have active collaborations within the university that take advantage of Carnegie Mellon’s many research centers. These include:

Biomedical Engineering Program
Center for Innovation in Learning
Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center
Center for Macromolecular Engineering
Center for Molecular Analysis
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Center for Nonlinear Analysis
Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces Program
Environmental Institute
Green Design Initiative
Information Networking Institute
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry
Merck Computational Biology and Computational Chemistry Program
NSF Science and Technology Center

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