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Sharing excitement about chemistry has led a number of Carnegie Mellon Chemistry faculty to become involved in curriculum development, educational research, and outreach projects.

Innovative Courses
The curriculum in the Department is constantly evolving to reflect the cutting edge issues in the field of chemistry. In the first-year Modern Chemistry courses, technology has been incorporated to enhance students’ ability to visualize key concepts (09-105) and to allow students to use simulations in solving interesting real-world problems (09-106). Beyond the freshman year, students will also find courses in supramolecular chemistry (syllabus, 112K PDF file) and green chemistry (syllabus, 12K PDF file) that reflect the current state of knowledge in those fields. The Introduction to Chemical Analysis lab incorporates an original team project to enhance students' ability to apply quantitative analytical methods. Computational Chemistry provides graduate and undergraduate students with hands-on experience with software for modeling molecular mechanics.

Educational Software
The IrYdium Project is developing educational software for introductory chemistry useful at both college and high school levels. A major focus of the project is to create computer-based environments that can transform homework to allow students to solve problems more like those of practicing chemists. In addition, work is underway to develop a Virtual Mass Spectrometry Lab (VMSL) that would enable students to operate MS at a distance.

Outreach Programs for K-12 Teachers and Students
Finally, the department reaches out to share excitement and knowledge to benefit K-12 teachers and students. Summer institutes have brought hundreds of people to the Carnegie Mellon campus for one day to two weeks of intensive hands-on laboratory experience and curriculum development discussions. New in 2000 was the Governor’s Institute for Physical Science Educators (GIPSE), funded for 5 years by the State of Pennsylvania. The Science Van Outreach Program presents demonstrations and workshops to thousands of Pittsburgh area students, primarily at the middle school level.

B.S. in Chemistry/M.S. in Chemical Biology

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•  09-220 Supramolecular Chemistry (syllabus, 112K PDF file)
•  09-510, 09-710 Green Chemistry (syllabus, 12K PDF file)
•  09-560 Computational Chemistry
•  The IrYdium Project
•  Virtual Mass Spectrometry Lab
•  The Science Van Outreach Program
•  Governor’s Institute for Physical Science Educators (GIPSE)

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