Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry

at the Center for Molecular Analysis



Sample rates:                                                          Carnegie Mellon     Non-CMU


Peptide map (a fingerprint of tryptic peptides):    $35.00/sample         $50.00/sample

The protein is purified and digested by the sample submission lab.  We may include a sample clean up step before MS analysis.   We provide the peptide MALDI-TOF mass spectrum.  

Submit a minimum of 5 pmoles.


Protein digestion chemistry and MS:               $200.00/sample       $250.00/sample

Protein is purified by sample submission lab.  We do the reduction, alkylation and digestion steps.   We may include a sample clean up step before MS analysis.  We provide a peptide MALDI-TOF mass spectrum to submitter.   

Submit a minimum of 5 pmoles.


Please inquire if the experiments listed above do not identify your protein.   A lack of identification may be due to discovery of an unknown protein, impure protein or insufficient sample quantities.



Advanced protein identification is done on a collaborative basis at $15.00/hour of mass spectrometry time.    We provide complete interpretation of the mass spectrum. We also  includ advanced purification techniques, advanced data base searching and peptide de novo sequencing as required.  Our laboratory is capable of analyzing protein samples <1 pmole using our advanced techniques.