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Mark E. Bier, Ph.D.
Director & Res. Professor 
412-268-3540 (office) 
412-268-6897 (fax) 

Roberto R. Gil

Director, NMR Facilities


Carnegie Mellon University

Department of Chemistry 
Mellon Institute Bldg.
4400 Fifth Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2683

Located in the Mellon Institute Building, the Center for Molecular Analysis (CMA) was established in August of 1996 by the Mellon College of Science. The CMA features modern high-performance analytical instruments for use by the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Biological Sciences, and other departments and centers at CMU. Other research groups outside of the CMU campus may also use the CMA. In addition to the analytical instrumentation, the CMA provides collaborations, analytical assistance, and training. The CMA houses two liquid chromatographs (LCs), two NMRs, three photon spectrometers, and five mass spectrometers*. 

New users, please read the Information for users  for more about CMA. If you would like to be trained to operate a mass spectrometer, please follow this link.

* Researchers using these instruments should acknowledge the Center for Molecular Analysis in their publications.
Specific use of the mass spectrometers should acknowledge
the Center for Molecular Analysis and the instrument grants used:

NSF grant number CHE-9808188 for the MALDI-TOF-MS

NSF grant number DBI-9729351 for the ESI-QIT-MS.

News and Announcements:

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Undergraduate Research for Credit

Analytical mass spectrometry research projects are available for credit. Conduct independent research using high performance mass spectrometers.  Please contact Dr. Mark Bier for more information.

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