CUNY-CMU Summer Research Program

May 29 – August 6, 2011

Application Deadline: February 18, 2011

About the Program

CUNY and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have partnered, through the help of New York's LSAMP program, to develop an exciting summer research program for highly motivated CUNY students to do research in the Chemistry or Biological Sciences Department at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. This program builds on a USDA-funded partnership in 2006–2009.

Overview of Activities

Students will spend 10 weeks during the summer participating in research activities as full participants in the lab activities, attending and presenting material at lab meetings and journal clubs, and attending the seminars of relevant invited speakers. At the end of the research period, the students may join with all of the other undergraduate summer researchers in Chemistry and Biology to present the results of their research to the two departments.

Variety of Faculty Mentors

Students in the CUNY-CMU Summer Research Program (CCSRP) will have the ability to choose from a variety of potential mentors. A vital part of the CCSRP is student mentoring by the faculty at Carnegie Mellon. The areas of research will provide students with the basic skills and hands-on experience needed for further work in biochemistry, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, cell and developmental biology, physical chemistry, and tissue engineering.

Key Features of this Summer Program

  • Extensive training and mentoring directly from their faculty advisors, all of whom are experienced in training independent scientists. Faculty mentors will oversee each undergraduate, discussing progress, answering questions, and helping to troubleshoot experiments.
  • Strong traditions of cooperation and cross-disciplinary approaches to research. Laboratories hosting the summer undergraduates help convey their ideas through interaction and the exchange of scientific techniques and ideas. Students have a chance to learn a wide range of skills and areas.
  • The group experience will foster both social and professional interactions. All CUNY and REU students will be housed together in the Stever House (shared double rooms), a 5-minute walk from the laboratories.
  • $3,500 stipend, along with covered housing costs and reasonable transportation expenses to and from the campus for one LSAMP undergraduate. Bridge-to-Doctorate students are strongly encouraged to apply, but unfortunately are not eligible for additional stipend.