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Carnegie Mellon Chemistry Professor Richard D. McCullough Named Dean of the Mellon College of Science

photo of Richard D. McCulloughRichard D. McCullough, Professor and Head of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon, has been named Dean of the Mellon College of Science after a year-long national search. As Dean of MCS, he will be responsible for the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics, as well as several interdisciplinary research centers. MCS has a total of 550 undergraduates, 220 graduate students, 200 faculty, and 150 staff.

McCullough joined Carnegie Mellon in 1990 and became Professor and Head of Chemistry in 1998. He is recognized as a leader in research on conducting polymers with interests including organic, polymer, and inorganic materials chemistry. His accomplishments have included important new syntheses of polythiophenes with planar conjugated backbones to produce a 1000-fold increase in the electrical conductivity over twisted, irregular polythiophene. Because the regioregular polythiophene self-assembles to form various nanostructured materials, it can be used for nanoelectronic assembly and fabrication of molecular circuits and potentially for biosensors. McCullough is also pursuing interests in the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomagnets, high-spin materials, and novel nanocrystalline semiconductor materials. He serves on the Technical Advisory Board of BFGoodrich Performance Materials as well as the Editorial Boards of Advanced Materials and the Journal of Materials Chemistry. He is also a member of the University's Biotechnology Implementation Committee.

As Department Head, McCullough has led Chemistry through considerable growth with five new faculty, $3M in new instrumentation and infrastructure, and the planning for the $26M undergraduate laboratories in Doherty Hall. He has also overseen innovations in the graduate program and recruiting, strongly supported faculty innovation in the undergraduate curriculum, and promoted increased concern for diversity. In addition, he serves the University and community through chairing the Policy Board of the Cyert Center for Early Childhood Education and acting as Lead Judge for the Siemens-Westinghouse Science Fair.

McCullough received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He is married to Dr. Jai Vartikar and is the father of two sons, Jason and Dylan. McCullough will continue as Head of Chemistry through November 1.

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