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Anindya Ghosh selected as a Teresa Heinz Scholar for Environmental Research

photo of Anindya GhoshAnindya Ghosh, a doctoral candidate in Terry Collins' group, has been selected as a Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research from The Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation. Anindya's work to date has focused on the design, synthesis, and applications of various tetraamido-macrocyclic ligands (TAML) and their iron complexes. TAML activators are an expanding family of iron complexes that have been developed over the last 20 years by Collins group. These complexes activate hydrogen peroxide to perform a variety of oxidation processes, which are environmentally benign. His recently synthesized catalysts have been shown to be very effective activators of hydrogen peroxide in oxidation processes like desulfurization of petroleum, decomposition of toxic chemical and biological warfare agents, and detoxification of small toxic materials from water, and also as oxidants in fine chemicals synthesis. His research has covered mechanistic studies that have helped to understand the deep oxidation processes employed by TAML activators and the interaction process with hydrogen peroxide. Anindya's recent work has opened the possibility of the activation of molecular oxygen with TAML activators. To date, very little is known about oxygen activation of synthetic iron complexes. This work has great potential for accomplishing green oxidation processes under ambient conditions.

The Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research are selected from an elite group of doctoral students at Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Harvard, Penn State, Princeton, Stanford or Yale University as well as masters students at Florida A&M University or Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. Among the selection criteria is that the research have public policy relevance that increases society's understanding of environmental problems and their solutions. Each Ph.D. recipient receives a $10,000 grant for one year for his or her research.

The Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation is one of the Heinz Family Philanthropies, a group of funds chaired by Teresa Heinz. The foundation is active in a wide range of issues, but is principally focused on those issues concerning the environment and its relation with public health. The Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research program, now in its fifth year, was created to encourage students to integrate environmental thinking across a wide range of disciplines.

July 2003