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Rea Freeland appointed Associate Dean for Special Projects

photo of Rea FreelandRea Freeland has been appointed Associate Dean for Special Projects for the Mellon College of Science, beginning November 1, 2002. She will also retain her position as Associate Head of Chemistry, half-time.

In this new position, she will lead projects that originate in the Dean's Office, such as preparing for the MCS Advisory Board visit, overseeing the college web site, and organizing a new Dean's Leadership Council for alumni input. She will work closely with the Dean and the new MCS Directors of Development and Media Relations on advancement projects. Other areas of responsibility include overseeing college-level award nominations and serving as the ombudsperson and first point-of-contact for graduate students on complex or confidential matters that cannot be resolved within the departments.

In her continuing position as Associate Head of Chemistry, she will assist with overall department administration, continue as co-chair of the Graduate Program Committee, prepare selected award nominations, and oversee the department web site. Since joining MCS in 2000, Rea has contributed to preparations for the Chemistry’s Advisory Board visit, major revision of the Ph.D. program, redesign of the department web site, development of a new B.S. in Chemistry/M.S. in Chemical Biology with Bristol-Myers Squibb fellowship support, and the design of the new recruiting web site and video for prospective MCS undergraduates.

November 2002