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Guy Berry has been selected as an ACS PMSE Fellow for 2003

photo of Guy BerryGuy Berry has been selected as one of the American Chemical Society's PMSE Fellows by the Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Division. Berry is a widely recognized leader in rheology and light scattering of polymers. His work has elucidated important issues in the conformation and dynamics of macromolecules, particularly interactions in dilute and moderately concentrated solutions of flexible, semiflexible and/or rodlike polymers. The PMSE Fellows Program, which began in 2000, is to "honor a small percentage of PMSE members who have made significant contributions to the science and engineering of polymeric material." The new PMSE Fellows' induction will be at the Spring 2003 ACS national meeting in New Orleans.

Guy Berry has also received the Bingham Medal Award from the Society of Rheology in 1990 and the ACS Pittsburgh Award in 1994, and was selected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society. In 2002 he also became University Professor of Polymer Science and Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon. University Professor is the highest academic distinction faculty members can achieve at Carnegie Mellon. The Department of Chemistry held a symposium in May 2002 honoring his remarkable achievements, "From Structured Fluids to Complex Nanostructures."

November 2002