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254th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition

August 20–24, 2017, Washington, DC


56 - Gold nanoclusters promote electrocatalytic water oxidation at the nanocluster/CoSe2 interface
Shuo Zhao, Rongchao Jin
Congressional A - Renaissance Washington DC Downtown
Sun, Aug 20 8:50am–9:10am

73 - Oxidation-induced transformation of eight-electron gold nanoclusters: [Au23(SR)16]- to [Au28(SR)20]0
Tatsuya Higaki, Chong Liu, Yuxiang Chen, Shuo Zhao, Chenjie Zeng, Nathaniel Rosi, Rongchao Jin
Room 147A - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Sun, Aug 20 3:30–3:40pm

112 - Polyphosphazene based gas separations membranes: pushing the boundaries
Hunaid Nulwala, David Luebke, Zhongjing Li, Harry Allcock
Marquis Salon 12 - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Sun, Aug 20 4:00pm–4:20pm

121: Lessons for controlled radical polymerizations from low ceiling temperature polymers
Tomasz Kowalewski
Marquis Ballroom Salon 6 - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Mon, Aug 21 8:00am–8:25am

132 - Evolution from the plasmon to exciton state in atomically precise gold nanoparticles
Meng Zhou, Matthew Sfeir, Chenjie Zeng, Yuxiang Chen, Shuo Zhao, Tatsuya Higaki, Rongchao Jin
Room 151A - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Mon, Aug 21 10:10–10:25am

378 - Atomically precise metal nanoparticles: Fundamentals and opportunities
Rongchao Jin
Room 150A - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Mon, Aug 21 5:00pm – 5:30pm

218 - Insights on the mechanism of H2 activation by [FeFe]-hydrogenases
Paul King, David Mulder, Yisong Guo, Michael Ratzloff
Room 140A - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Tue, Aug 22 8:55am–9:20am

236: Phosphate graphite as a cell instructive, degradable scaffold with tunable mechanical properties for bone regeneration
Stefanie Sydlik, Anne Arnold, Brian Holt
Liberty Ballroom Salon L - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Tue, Aug 22 10:50am–11:05am

478: Peptide-conjugated block copolymers and sequence controlled peptide-graphite composites: Conductive peptide hybrid materials with electronic activity
Stefanie Sydlik, Brian Holt, Anne Arnold, Zoe Wright
Room 206 - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Wed, Aug 23 9:35am–10:05am

588: Enhancing the stability of polyfuran
Kevin Noonan
Marquis Salon 15 - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Wed, Aug 23 11:25am–11:50am

569: Interplay between π bonding and conformational flexibility in conjugated polymers containing ester-side chains
Tomasz Kowalewski
Liberty Ballroom Salon J - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Wed, Aug 23 1:30pm–2:00pm

710 - Lignin based surfactants for agricultural applications POLY: Advances in Lignin: Chemicals, Polymers & Materials
Kedar Perkins, Chetali Gupta, Emily Charleson, Newell Washburn
Marquis Ballroom Salon 9 - Marriott Marquis Washington DC
Thu, Aug 24 8:35am – 8:55am

584 - Molecular surgery on a 23-gold-atom nanoparticle
Qi Li, Rongchao Jin
Room 147A - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Thu, Aug 24 10:30am–10:50am


CHED: Division of Chemical Education

59 - Building a community around general chemistry performance expectations CHED: General Posters
Donald Wink, Samuel Pazicni, Ashley Donovan, Darsi Fouillade, Nazanin Ruppender, Margaret Harbol, Julie Ellefson-Kuehn, Karen Dailey, David Yaron, Leonard Vuocolo, Daniel Moriarty, Lucas Tucker, Charmita Burch, Derek Behmke, Seungjin Lee

CHED: General Posters
Hall D - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Sun, Aug 20, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

CHED: Sci-Mix
Halls D/E - Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Mon, Aug 21, 8:00pm–10:00pm

POLY: 8th Symposium on Controlled Radical Polymerization

Tue, Aug 22, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Hall E — Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Organizers: Haifeng Gao, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Brent Sumerlin, Nicolay Tsarevsky

August 21, 2017